A lot of people want a website – or think they need one. But they dont really know why.

We are inundated with messages from media about the things we need, and this feeds our fear of being left behind.

One of our clients was getting quotes for a huge website that included an online inventory system, allowing his customers, worldwide, to check the availability of thousands of parts. But he had received quotes ranging among several thousands of dollars, and he was confused about what he should do. He was being told what he needed, but didnt instinctively feel that need.

We suggested that he start off with a simple web presence, providing basic information about his company and what it does. Down the road, once he determined what his customers actually wanted and needed from his site, we could improve it. He could have spent a lot on the online inventory system, only to find that his customers prefer to use his 800 number.

Download our free Website Planning Worksheet. It will help answer important questions about what you expect your website to accomplish.

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Do I really need a website?

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